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Stuart Walter Mitchell
and Fund Manager at Waverton Investment Funds Plc - Waverton Continental European Fund. Previously, he was a Principal, Director, and Head of Specialist Equities at JO Hambro Investment Management. Mr. Mitchell worked at JO Hambro Investment from 1998 to.

Multi-billion dollar wealth manager gets new name
Somers Ltd — itself formerly known as Bermuda National Ltd, owner of the Bermuda Commercial Bank — announced its JO Hambro Investments Management, which has $7 billion of assets under management, is to be renamed Waverton Investment Management.

JO Hambro rebrands as Waverton Investment Management
JO Hambro Investment Management will change its name to Waverton Investment Management, following the sale of the business by Credit Suisse to Bermuda-based Somers Limited. The management of Waverton has stressed the underlying structure of the business.

Richard Hambro
As founder chairman of JO Hambro Investment Management in 1986 ... In 1995, after his father's death, Richard Hambro moved into the family home at Waverton, near Moreton-in-the Marsh, Gloucestershire, and embarked on a further career in the racing industry.

JOHIM Changes Name To Waverton Investment
Somers Limited announced that its subsidiary — J O Hambro Investment Management [JOHIM] – has changed its name to Waverton Investment Management. Waverton is not a new name to JOHIM, as its existing funds have used the Waverton banner since 2004 and.

Waverton buys 2CG Senhouse
As of 31 December 2015 Waverton had £4.5bn ($6.4bn, €5.7bn) under management. Founded in 1986 as J O Hambro Investment Management, the firm was acquired by Credit Suisse Group in 2001. In 2013 it was sold to Bermuda National, which has since rebranded.

WAVERTON PORTFOLIO: Fund increases UK exposure in anticipation of a stronger pound
Though Waverton is a relatively new name, the underlying business is long-standing. It was set up in 1986 as JO Hambro Investment Management (Johim) – not to be confused with JO Hambro Capital Investment, a popular retail investment house, also based in.

JO Hambro Investment Management rebrands as Waverton
JO Hambro Investment Management is to rebrand as Waverton Investment Management in a move designed to establish a clearer identity for the firm. The brand overhaul follows on from the sale of the business by Credit Suisse to Bermuda-based Somers Limited.

BT Investment Management draws inflows, halves performance fees
BT Investment Management is unable to say whether an inquiry into dealing commissions going back more than 10 years for its British business, JO Hambro, will deliver any findings of wrongdoing or penalties. At its annual results on Wednesday.