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Active fund managers ride tech stocks to best performance since 2009
Among the most common overweight positions held by mutual fund managers ... U.S. passive equity funds, up from $9.3 billion the month before, and pulled $19.6 billion out of funds run by traditional stockpickers, according to Morningstar data.

The 5 Best Bond Funds for 2017 - Kiplinger Personal Finance
With that in mind, here are my five favorite bond mutual funds for 2017, in order from safest to riskiest. My picks are primarily ... You can't find bond funds that are more cautious than Vanguard Short-Term Investment Grade Investor (symbol VFSTX.

Vanguard Short-Term Investment-Grade Fd - U.S. News & World Report
The fund is part of Morningstar's Short-Term Bond category. In recent years, it has eked out a return slightly higher than the category average. The fund has a higher concentration in corporate debt than its category peers. In addition, there is a tilt.

Kiplinger's 25 Favorite No-Load Mutual Funds - Kiplinger Personal Finance
The Kiplinger 25 is a list of our favorite no-load mutual funds . We favor funds run by seasoned managers who take a long view and have proved themselves able to weather many a storm. And we prefer low to below-average fees.

The 50 Best Mutual Funds and ETFs, Period - Money Magazine
Last year, investing was like being the proverbial duck in the pond. On the surface, everything may have seemed calm, as a post-election rally on Wall Street pushed stock indexes to record highs. But beneath it all was plenty of rough paddling. The S&P.

How Nervous Investors Should Play the Trump Rally - Kiplinger Personal Finance
Think of bond holdings mainly as a volatility dampener, says Garry, and stick with high-quality funds or issues with shorter-term maturities. Kip 25 member Vanguard Short-Term Investment Grade ( VFSTX ) fits the bill nicely. Planners at the Planning.

Target-date funds can be the right choice if you’re this kind of investor
according to Morningstar. Enter target-date funds, which have grown to nearly $900 billion under management by the end of 2016 since first launching less than 25 years ago. A target-date fund, also known as a life-cycle fund, is a mutual fund with a mix of.

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Two stalwarts of the Kiplinger 25, the list of our favorite mutual funds , are Dodge & Cox Stock (DODGX), which seeks bargain-priced stocks and charges just 0.52 percent annually, and Mairs & Power Growth (MPGFX), which focuses more on growth-oriented&nbsp.

Morningstar Reports U.S. Mutual Fund and ETF Asset Flows for August 2017
CHICAGO, Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Morningstar, Inc. (MORN), a leading provider of independent investment research, today reported estimated U.S. mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) asset flows for August 2017. In August, investors put $8.5.

3 Best Vanguard Mutual Funds for High Returns -
VFSTX invests in a variety of high-quality and, to a lesser extent, medium-quality fixed income securities. VFSTX also ... Zacks' free Fund Newsletter will brief you on top news and analysis, as well as top-performing mutual funds , each week. Get it.