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Writ of Habeas Corpus by divorced mother - who lost custody of minor children to the husband under Muslim divorce decree before Khazi - not maintainable as it is binding on her until cancelled through proper course of law = a decree of divorce.

Proceedings ICAME 09
A. D. Parekh1*, P. R. Tailor2, V. H. Oza3 S. V. National Institute of Technology-395007, Gujarat, India * corresponding author (e-mail :[email protected]) The present work deals with thermodynamic analysis of cascade refrigeration system using ozone.

The Evangelical Manifesto
The Evangelical Manifesto was released today, and the Christian end blogosphere is abuzz with comment. At the end of this post I'll list the articles I've seen on the subject; I'm certain that there are many more that I've missed, so if you've seen one or.