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Richter Financial Investment Planning Solutions, LLC
Richter Financial Investment Planning Solutions LLC specializes in providing expert investment guidance and optimization to individual investors and company retirement plans. We formally assess the risk-tolerance and time-horizon of each individual or.

50 Painless Ways to Save Money in Your Business Operations - Small Business Trends
Zondra Wilson, CEO of BluSkin Care, would much rather keep the money she saves to invest in keeping others looking as good as they feel. ... Whether you're a startup wanting to grow out of your home office or perhaps a mature company wanting to.

Follow the Money: Which businesses are giving to which mayoral candidates, and how much? - San Antonio Business Journal
The majority of Nirenberg's contributions consisted of donations under $1,000, according to campaign finance reports on file with the city. Nearly all business executives who gave money chose to support one candidate. Two exceptions were Red McCombs&nbsp.

3 ways cities can save cultural spaces - Citiscope
Above all, Richter insisted that the report should serve as a reminder to keep culture in the centre of broader conversations about urban growth and inclusion. “These silos in which planning offices and arts and culture offices tend to live in cities.

The GOP health care bill is worse than nothing at all. - New Republic
Trump, who has promised to have “insurance for everybody,” has presided over a grand “repeal and replace” plan that would leave one million more people uninsured than if he had just repealed Obamacare. .... Over the past two years, executives and.

Light Reading's Big Communications Event Brings Telecom's Tech Titans to Austin - Marketwired (press release)
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 26, 2017) - Light Reading's ( Big Communications Event ( is returning to Austin, Texas, on May 15-17 with a powerhouse speaker lineup that features some of the&nbsp.

No, Homelessness Doesn't Have to Be Forever -
Blandly named the System Planning Framework (and known as the “System of Care” to the people delivering it), it's a network of service providers that try to connect people on the street with a home as swiftly as possible, then plug them into other help.

ECS Global Solutions Delivers Smart Building Platform to Regent Medical Properties
The integrated Smart Building Platform delivered through ECS' 'Smart Building as a Service' program includes open-architecture ... and collaborative planning," said Len Pisano, Chief Development Officer at ECS Global Solutions. "As an existing customer.

Housing is a human right, not a commodity - The Globe and Mail
British Columbia has imposed a 15-per-cent tax on foreign investment in residential real estate, and the City of Vancouver has instituted a 1-per-cent tax on self-reported vacant homes. Both interventions are directing revenues ... Whether it is.

Revitalizing a Law Firm Intranet - CIOReview
White & Case, a global law firm with 41 offices in 29 countries, set out to do exactly this in 2014 when it decided to invest in its intranet as a key knowledge tool for the firm. It took more than two years of research, design and development but the.

Trump is in free fall, but the GOP is going to try to ram through Trumpcare anyway. - New Republic
And on Thursday, the House GOP rolled back Dodd-Frank protections that were designed to prevent another financial crisis, passing the biggest bank deregulation bill in decades. McConnell has been characteristically quiet, but that's not to say that he.