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Jack Nash, Pioneer in Hedge Funds, Dies at 79
Jack Nash, a former chairman of Oppenheimer & Company who helped pioneer the modern hedge fund business, died July 30 in Manhattan. He was 79 ... the company into one of the world’s largest mutual fund businesses. Oppenheimer, which once raised $40.

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How a Broke Little Island Beat the Hedge Funds
That sound you hear is teeth grinding in midtown Manhattan and Greenwich, Connecticut. The congressional debt relief bill puts a stay on litigation stemming from the defaults on Puerto Rico’s bonds: Those hedge funds and mutual funds, who before PROMESA.

Buy 5 Taxable Bond Funds on 38 Straight Weeks of Inflows
These are used to fund a particular project or facility ... Annual dividend yield of the fund is 3.9%.It has a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #1. Oppenheimer Limited-Term Bond Fund Class Y OUSYX invests the lion's share of its assets in debt securities issued.

Today's Must-Reads For Entrepreneurs: Are The Big Tech Companies Destroying Startups?
Big mutual fund companies like T. Rowe Price and BlackRock have aggressively ... “Uber has deployed thousands of black cars across Manhattan, going bumper-to-bumper with yellow taxis for passengers and fares in lucrative commercial and tourist areas.

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The Committee engages in fund-raising ... Isidor Rabi worked on the Manhattan Project providing key leadership developing America’s first atomic bombs alongside Robert Oppenheimer at Los Alamos. When dispatched by a nervous JFK to visit Dimona in.

WeWork: A $20 Billion Startup Fueled by Silicon Valley Pixie Dust
Venture capitalists and mutual funds have poured billions into companies claiming ... In 2008, he and two friends persuaded a landlord to start a shared office space in Brooklyn as a side project, thinking they could sublease it for a profit.

Why Municipal Junk Bonds Are A Favorite Among Top Mutual Fund Managers
With that investment angel in mind, here's a short list of the most widely held municipal bonds in mutual ... to finish the project, among many others. Of course, it all comes down to performance. As this table shows, high-yield muni funds have.

Puerto Rico’s 10 Biggest Vulture Funds (and the Individuals Behind Them)
According to a report by the ReFund America Project, the financial firms like Goldman ... (The firm went on to represent bondholders Franklin Mutual and Oppenheimer Funds in a successful challenge to Puerto Rico’s 2015 Recovery Act, which would have.

An Artist’s Powerful Letter on Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico
This is the mega-firm that Occupy Museums focused on in our Debtfair project at ... MassMutual, Oppenheimer Funds, Goldman Sachs, Franklin Resources, and UBS, the financial sponsors of the Basel Art Fairs and the third largest mutual fund holder of Puerto.