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Three Myths Blocking Your Path To Retirement
A great way to prevent your own retirement crisis is to review your financial plan quarterly and run through a five-point checklist: (1) balance (2) growth potential (3) solid rate of return (4) preservation of principal and (5) monthly payment for life.

Worried about possible retirement changes? 3 pieces of advice from a federal financial planner
With more and more complicated proposals calling for changes to the federal retirement system, public service employees are thinking more about financial planning now than ever ... of the FERS pension program as the engine behind their retirement.

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Truly Diversified?
Your bond funds are meant to be defensive when equity markets melt down," says Craig Israelsen, financial-planning professor at Utah Valley ... "A portfolio is like a go kart: You have an engine and brakes," Israelsen says. "The brakes have traditionally.

Women need to save more, plan earlier for retirement
Studies show that only one-third of women believe they are on track for planning or saving for retirement, though the rest may not be as far behind as they think, says Katherine Bays Armstrong, a certified financial planner with Heritage Financial.

Little-Used Retirement Option Gets a Big Boost: Part I
The costs of aging are rising at an alarming rate, while post ... financial instruments. As they adapt to increasing consumerist pressures, variable annuities and other similar products will be simplified to create a more valuable tool to support.

'Practice' Makes Retirement More Perfect
Financial planners are increasingly recommending you rethink ... In the meantime, the pair boosted their nest egg by setting aside the difference in pre- and post-retirement income. The point, Maton says, is not that it might be a cinch for you to live.

On November 8th in Westmont: `Financial Management in Retirement’
That is a key message of “Financial Management in Retirement,” a free hour-long workshop led by retirement planning expert Greg Kurinec on ... Originally published Oct 18, 2017. This post is contributed by a community member. The views expressed.

Working Longer To Pay For Retirement: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest
As we’ve stipulated many times before, retirement is not rocket science. The options are usually based on common sense but are no more pleasant to hear than a doctor’s advice to exercise more and eat less. A financial ... if your plan already entailed.

Financial Engines Expands Financial Wellness Offerings With Two New Digital Financial Planning Tools
Like Financial Engines’ retirement-oriented planning solutions, the new planners use rigorous, empirical forecasting methodologies that set them apart in the industry—providing more accurate and actionable information to employees. The Financial.

GOP health insurance plan for feds part of larger assault on compensation
Together with President Trump’s earlier budget plan, which would slice and dice federal retirement, Capitol Hill and the White ... “This proposal imposes substantial financial harm,” she added. The retirees know it. Linda Kurz, 77, who retired.