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10 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor
Also, review the advisors’ websites, because some advisors ... Alliance of Comprehensive Planners and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. Alternatively, a low-cost online advisor, aka robo-advisor, might make sense for you.

Intel Launches Intel Saffron AML Advisor Using AI to Detect Financial Crime
Intel Saffron Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Advisor uses explainable AI ... and compliance perspective.” Banks and financial organizations often have 50 or more applications that require use of the same personal financial data. Banks want a more efficient.

Advisor Group Launches MyCMO Platform, Enabling Financial Advisors To Scale Authentic And Personalized Client Communications
MyCMO will enable financial ... friendly website. "Studies over the years have consistently proven that the top reason clients fire their advisors is poor communication. However, while advisors acknowledge the importance of establishing more personal.

Hearsay Strengthens Advisor Cloud Offering with Technology Acquisition of Mast Mobile
Advisors want to use their own mobile phones for business, but still keep their personal ... advisor website activity. “We’ve been following Hearsay closely for several years and seen the tremendous impact they’ve had in transforming the financial.

Get Smart: Automation Tools Give Financial Advisors More Time to Focus on Clients
From a marketing perspective, integrated analytics give advisors better insights into what content a client or prospect has been viewing on the company’s website ... how financial advisors and brokers are adopting new technologies for more personal.

Credit Check: Financial Advisors' Daily Digest
But this advisor portrayed by NPR made the personal financial-equivalent statement ... here are a few more links to today’s best investing content on the web. For more content geared to FAs, visit the Financial Advisor Center.

Is Debt The Devil? Financial Advisors Say "Not Always"
Recent research and commentary from financial experts seem to underscore this idea. Personal loans are a form of debt ... This decision is usually a no-brainer, says Kansas City Financial Advisor Clint Haynes. Not only is mortgage debt “good debt.

7 steps to secure your financial accounts online
These days, many people spend lots of time worrying about the security of their personal financial information stored ... Also, change your passwords often, and use a different one for each financial website you use. Keep software and operating systems.

Form ADV: It’s Like a Background Check for Your Financial Adviser
On the SEC’s website, Part 2 is found by clicking the dark blue ... Paul is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and the XY Planning Network (XYPN). Comments are suppressed.