Mutual funds investing in distressed debt

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Third Avenue Distressed Debt Fund
On the flip side, 2009 has been a much better year for the fund. Third Avenue has been investing in distressed debt for many years in its other mutual funds, but now it is opening a bond fund to invest in a broad spectrum of troubled debt instruments.

In Hartford, a wobbly city and shaky state intersect
Even without the lien, said MMA, the city could also refinance, at a minimum, the roughly 80% of its outstanding GO debt covered by bond insurance policies, primarily through Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp. and Build America Mutual. More "scoop and toss.

Bottom-fishing distressed funds are tasty bait
In the world of hedge fund investing ... While distressed-debt strategies returned about 2.5% in 2002, the style's 15-year average of 17.8% is actually better than the 11% for the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index, 8.5% for the average equity mutual.

RAIT Investment Trust: Which Securities Are Investment Opportunities And For Whom?
Recently, RAIT Financial Trust has returned to a distressed ... some investment opportunities available in this name, depending upon the specific investment style of the reader; all entail some risk, ranging from moderate risk, high yield debt investing.

Swedroe: Passive Investing Misconceptions
Howard Marks is one of the financial industry’s most respected investment managers—for good reason. In 1995, he co-founded Oaktree Capital Management and built an enviable track record, with an emphasis on high-yield bonds, distressed debt, private.

Why Hedge Funds Love Distressed Debt
In general these forms can be broken into three methods: the bond market, mutual funds and the distressed firm itself ... but there are still plenty of ways for a regular investor to invest in distressed debt. After identifying distressed debt, the.

Sebi widens probe into mutual funds' distressed debt exposure
MUMBAI: Amid rising concerns over mutual fund investors' exposure to distressed corporate bonds, regulator Sebi has widened its probe and has sought fresh details from the fund houses on such investment ... to its exposure to debt securities of debt.

Finding potential for debt in distress
Little cash has actually been drawn down to buy distressed debt thus far. "There have been a lot of funds raised," said Michael Embler, chief investment officer for the Mutual Series funds of Franklin Templeton. "Most of the money has not been deployed.

Should You Invest In Bonds Or Bond Funds?
and why exactly you would want to invest in U.S. Treasury bonds versus corporate debt, which many believe is more optimal because it provides a higher yield. The Problems with Bond Funds (Mutual Funds, ETFs, UITs, and CEFs) Many investors are using a.