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By the entrance are a first printing of the Magna Carta and a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence; downstairs, the coronation book of Louis XVI and a motherboard signed by Steve Wozniak. Mixed in this mélange are books and books—most&nbsp.

Louis XVI
Succeeded his grandfather, Louis XV, as King of France on May 10 ... After ineffectual attempts at fundamental government changes and several unfortunate choices in advisors, revolutionaries stormed the Bastille on July 14, 1789 and marched on Versailles.

Bastille Day Is a Military Holiday Out of Donald Trump's Fantasies - Foreign Policy (blog)
Officially, it commemorates both the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789, reflected in English-language usage, and the 1790 Festival of Federation, a royal jubilee ordained by Louis XVI . The national holiday was to furnish a means of shoring up the&nbsp.

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ABSA / Barclays as Financial Advisor . Kibo has completed a Coal Mining Definitive Feasibility Study and a Power Pre- Feasibility Study for the Mbeya project and has recently announced the completion of an integrated Bankable Feasibility Study report.

Louis XVI Failure to Prevent the French Revolution
Feudalism had existed for centuries, but it was time for a change. King Louis XVI and his teams of advisors were forced to develop elaborate taxation schemes to pay the inflation on the national debt, which was partly the fault of his predecessors.

Emmanuel Macron: the French outsider who would be president - The Guardian
He believes that ever since King Louis XVI's head was chopped off in the revolution, France has been trying to compensate for the lack of a true leader figure who could personify France. The postwar president General de Gaulle fitted .... When he was.

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On Feb. 13, 1931, there was really only one thing that was visible in the large front windows of 27 Howland Rd.; stacks of Rinso detergent, "The Guaranteed Soap." At that time, the building in Toronto's east end was a corner store that sold, among.

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SECURITY ID: Y00153109 TICKER: 2311 Meeting Date: 28-Jun-17 1 Approve Business Operations Report and Financial Statements Management For Voted - For 2 Approve Plan on Profit Distribution Management For Voted - For 3 Amend Procedures ..... with.

Fancy a drink? Bottle of cognac sells for $134750 - CNBC
Sotheby's on Saturday sold a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac for $134,750, making it one of the most expensive bottles ever auctioned. Called "L'Odyssee D'un Roi," or "Journey of a King," the liquor honored the first global shipments of Louis XIII's cognac.

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Cardinal-designate Nzapalainga will be youngest Cardinal Vatican Radio.

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Edmund Randolph of Virginia explained to his state's ratification convention in 1788, Pinckney's motion was occasioned by Benjamin Franklin, who had been given a snuffbox, adorned with the royal portrait and encrusted with small diamonds, by Louis XVI &nbsp.

Replica of French frigate sent to help American revolutionaries setting sail for Boston - U.S. News & World Report
Lafayette persuaded French King Louis XVI to provide military and financial support to George Washington's troops. Lafayette set sail on the frigate on March 21, 1780, from the southwestern port of Fouras, arrived 38 days later in Boston, and played an&nbsp.