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Do You Know What’s Hiding in Your ETF?
But if a tightly focused investment is what you’re after, you have to know what’s in your fund. So why bother with ETFs? Index mutual funds are similarly ... According to asset manager Horizon Kinetics, the top 10 companies within this ETF, which.

Best & Worst ETFs & Mutual Funds: Information Technology Sector
Both earn my Attractive rating. PowerShares Lux Nanotech Portfolio (NYSE: PXN) is my worst-rated Information Technology ETF and Kinetics Mutual Funds, Inc: Internet Fund (KINAX) is my worst-rated Information Technology mutual fund. Both earn my Dangerous.

New Grades for Mutual Funds
Kinetics Asset Management declined to comment. gets a five-star rating. It beat the foreign large-cap blend category by 5 percentage points over the past 5 years, and by nearly 8 percentage points over the past 10 years. "Not that it's a bad fund.

Kinetics Global Fund Class Advisor Class A
The fund is a diversified fund that invests all of its investable assets in the Global Portfolio, a series of Kinetics Portfolios Trust. The Global Portfolio invests at least 65% of its net assets plus any borrowings for investment purposes in common.

Kinetics Mutual Funds Q15: Conference Call
Kinetics Mutual Funds conversation transcript with Peter Doyle from the second quarter conference call. Peter Doyle: Thank you, Bob. And thank you, everyone, for joining us today. I'm continually impressed with our entire wholesaling staff's level of.

Vanguard chief dismisses ETF bubble fears
The shift towards ETFs has been particularly powerful in the US, where assets stood at almost $2.8tn at the end of March, compared with the $16.9tn US mutual fund industry ... investment advisory firm Horizon Kinetics, has described the shift toward.

Swedroe: Passive Investing Misconceptions
Horizon Kinetics’ Steven] Bregman calls this ‘semantic ... found that while active institutional funds produced better results than active mutual funds, across all asset classes within the domestic equity space, the overwhelming majority of active.

Horizon Kinetics Asks Why Berkowitz, Gabelli, Winters, And Hawkwins Have Been Underperforming
They are considered safe. In 2014, almost no net investments were made in equity mutual funds, while, once the figures are collected, it is likely that ETFs had the largest annual inflow on record. Horizon Kinetics: Correlations of these individual.

Could Bitcoin Appreciate By 194x? FRMO Corp's Letter To Shareholders, August 2017
Thus far, the results of late have been favorable. This has been true not only for our private funds, but also for various of the Kinetics Mutual Funds. The downside of the increased concentration is, not infrequently, increased volatility. The modern.

Doyle, who gained recognition in the 1990s for starting one of the first Internet mutual funds, also manages about $3.3 billion in hedge-fund assets through a business called Kinetics Advisers, which he started in 2000. Kinetics Advisers’ three funds.