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Bridging the layers: towards integration of signal transduction ...
Mar 1, 2013 ... ... approaches based on mutual information, and modular approaches to reduce the ... Regarding kinetic models of metabolism, only small-scale metabolic .... programme for competitiveness) and by National Funds through the FCT .... time series for metabolic reaction networks with linlog kinetics, Metab.
Kinetics of Radioactive Decay ... Power laws; Linlog kinetics; ... and biology who study the impact of the exciting mutual interaction between our understanding of.

Systems biology of lactic acid bacteria: a critical review | Microbial ...
Aug 30, 2011 ... These limitations to in vitro kinetics result in parameter values that are ... A recent example in L. lactis exploits this using a similar approach, not with power-law kinetics but with linlog kinetics which also ..... dynamics represent respectively a mutual beneficial relationship, .... Acknowledgements and funding.

Weighted Trade Network in a Model of Preferential Bipartite ...
Sep 22, 2009 ... of nodes when the corresponding traders make a mutual trading. In this paper we ... Kinetic Exchange Model (KEM) with quenched random .... the investments of the other traders! ..... we used a lin-log scale for plotting. In Fig.

A genome-scale Escherichia coli kinetic metabolic model k-ecoli457 ...
Dec 20, 2016 ... Kinetic models of microbial metabolism have great potential to aid ... a log-lin approach for Escherichia coli and a lin-log approach for yeast). ..... reaction kinetics leads to accurate predictions by providing mutual backup ...... We gratefully acknowledge funding from the DOE ( grant no.

Intermittency in the relative separations of tracers and of heavy ...
Sep 23, 2014 ... and ϵ is the rate of kinetic energy dissipation in the flow. In the above ..... notice the presence of many pairs with mutual separations much larger than the mean value. ..... Lin–log plot of the pair separation PDFs in rescaled units, rn = r/〈r2. (t)〉 . 1/2, ..... L.B. acknowledges partial funding from the European.
Feb 01, 2017 · Peptide kinetics from picoseconds to microseconds using boxed molecular dynamics: power law rate coefficients in cyclisation reactions. PubMed. ….

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Dynamics and Control of the Central Carbon Metabolism in ...
Apr 28, 2010 ... Magnus et al. applied linlog kinetics and intracellular intermediate measurements to ... the control patterns quantified the mutual influences of individual ...... a systems biology funding initiative of the German Federal Ministry of .
2015-07-28T21:06:16Z oai:CiteSeerX.psu: 2010-07-26 Incentive-Compatible Opportunistic ….

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Quantification of Protein–Ligand Dissociation Kinetics in ...
Sep 20, 2012 ... ... rates of the single specific bonds are plotted as a function of force on lin–log scales in Figure 5a. .... We have quantified the dissociation kinetics of ligand- coupled .... by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRO, Interreg IV-A, ..... of protein coated particles and polymers in their mutual nonspecific .

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Neuronal Oscillations Enhance Stimulus Discrimination by Ensuring ...
May 16, 2006 ... Funding: This work was supported by The Deutsche Akademie der ..... black) closely matches the kinetics of precision recovery (Figure 4B, red, and 4A4). .... [ 47] or mutual information [12, 48] were implemented ( Figure S2), similar results were achieved. .... The red line is a Gaussian fit on a lin-log scale.

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Modelling dynamic processes in yeast - Klipp - 2007 - Yeast - Wiley ...
Sep 17, 2007 ... Funding Information .... In metabolic modelling studies, approximative kinetic formats are used ..... by the filamentous growth pathway and mutual signal amplification, while ...... A method for estimation of elasticities in metabolic networks using steady state and dynamic metabolomics data and linlog kinetics.

Synchronization in Dynamical Networks of Locally Coupled Self ...
Mar 8, 2017 ... understand the role played by the network topology, the motion of the agents, and their mutual interaction. .... accordingly to the kinetic Monte Carlo model described in detail in ..... averaging over 500 independent runs) in lin-log scale for a system ..... D. L. acknowledges funding from the European Union's.

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The best models of metabolism - Wiley Online Library
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