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The major averages opened Tuesday's session in positive territory with the S&P 500 sporting a gain of 0.2%. Most sectors trade in the green this morning with energy (-0.1%), health care (-0.1%), and materials (-0.1%) being the only laggards. The.

Westward Ho -
Circle is a consumer finance company focused on transforming the world economy with secure, simple, and less costly technology for storing and using money. CircleUp is an online marketplace for investing equity into innovative, early-stage consumer.

What's keeping cryptocurrencies from mass adoption? - TechCrunch
On the one hand, founders naturally want to attract investment early on. This will raise the price of the coin and help pay for infrastructure, as well as boost the growth of the coin. On the other hand, historically the earliest investors in.

Apple, Amazon, Google, and hundreds of businesses vowed to meet Paris climate goals on their own ‘in the absence of leadership from Washington’
Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google want the world to know that "We Are Still In" when it comes to the Paris climate agreement. And they're not alone. On Monday, hundreds of companies, including others like Microsoft, eBay, and Uber, — alongside a group.

How two countries helped drive the recent rise in cryptocurrency prices - TechCrunch
Fourth largest Bitcoin exchange. Bithumb, hacked for billions of Won Brave New Coin.

The reality of VR/AR growth - TechCrunch
“VR will be big, AR will be bigger and take longer.” What sounded revolutionary when we first said it two years ago has become accepted wisdom. But now the market has actually launched, and we've got 12 months of real-world performance and major tech.

Quantifying startup funding inequality for fun and profit - TechCrunch
a small number of companies. You can verify that by observing the difference between the large number of early-stage rounds closed, and their comparatively modest share of aggregate investment during any period. But we are not content to merely.

Aberdeen, Which Invests In Top VC Funds, On Its 2016 Outlook - TechCrunch
We're never going to let a co- investment strategy define what we do. We're also just being very careful, particularly given where we are in the cycle. We want to keep the bar especially high. We're active and looking and SPVs are one of the structures.

E-Trade plays its cards in evolving automated investment space - TechCrunch
Active management, on the other hand, involves making calculated investments with the goal of beating the market. Active strategies are more effective when trading narrow asset classes. E-Trade has offered active and passive management of assets since.

How my husband and I plan to retire by 50 - Treehugger
Our approach is to ignore the pension, save as if it didn't exist, and then enjoy the extra income, should it appear someday. We have invested in real estate, although it's only one aspect of our investment portfolio because the market is highly.

Aviva is taking a majority stake in robo investment startup Wealthify
UK-based insurance giant Aviva has announced it’s buying a majority stake in robo investment startup, Wealthify. The financial value and exact size ... Aviva says the investment is part of its strategy to build customer loyalty via a range of services.