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F-Squared files for bankruptcy
The move will likely allow the firm's flagship AlphaSector strategy to live on, managed by the buyer, Broadmeadow Capital, which is affiliated with F-Squared rival Good Harbor Financial ... March 31, Morningstar Inc. said. The mutual fund distributor.

Morningstar's Dominance: The Good, Bad And Ugly
“The Morningstar Mirage,” a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, shows the dangers of herd-following in the mutual ... Many fund managers hire executives specifically to manage relations with Morningstar. They also lobby heavily (see Financial.

How MONEY Selected the 50 Best Mutual Funds and ETFs
To create the MONEY 50 list of the best mutual funds and ETFs, MONEY editors look for solid long-term performers with these important traits: Low fees. Below average expense ratios are a good predictor ... 50 funds received a Morningstar stewardship.

Analyzing Mutual Funds: Lipper Rating Vs. Morningstar
These companies evaluate funds, highlight critical data and award a simple, easy-to-compare rating to each of them. Mutual fund companies care about their Morningstar and Lipper ratings because they know so many investors and financial advisors rely on.

10 Top-Rated Vanguard Funds to Buy Now
Consider that Vanguard has 370 mutual funds ... according to Morningstar, Vanguard’s costs are 81% lower than the industry average. This is in part due to the massive scale of the firm, but also the focus on index funds, which often do not require.

Market Trends Bring a Big Tax Bite for Some Fund Investors
Mutual-fund ... out of actively managed funds and into passively managed index funds in droves, they made net withdrawals of nearly $240 billion from active U.S. equity funds in the 12 months through Sept. 30, according to Morningstar Inc., causing.

Morningstar : Assigns New Analyst Rating to 36 U.S. Funds; Upgrades Seven Funds; Downgrades Five Funds; Affirms Ratings on 135 Funds in October
CHICAGO, Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Morningstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: MORN), a leading provider of independent investment research, has published a summary of Morningstar Analyst Rating(TM) activity for 183 U.S. mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs.

Mutual Funds; What the Readers Are Asking
Harbor International can be reached at (419) 247-2477; Financial Strategic Health Sciences, (800) 525-8085, and Pimit Total Return, (800) 443-6915. Comprehensive fund information, including telephone numbers, can be found in the Morningstar Mutual Fund.

A Gold-Rated International Fund Gets Downgraded
Harbor International's opportunistic misfires, middling results, and rising expenses lead to a cut in its Morningstar ... as the fund made Russian energy company Lukoil its top-holding in the late 1990s. But the fund hasn't produced good results on this.

Opinion: 7 funds and ETFs for your conscience and your wallet
Jon Hale, head of sustainability research at Morningstar, says there are now around 230 funds and ETFs that have an ESG or sustainability theme. That’s a small fraction of the more than 8,000 mutual ... up financial return in order to feel good about.