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Surveys that map overwork most often ... are truly your most valuable assets. Tell us more about your strategies to optimise your workforce. Aakash Gupta is the resource management subject-matter expert at Saviom Software. Besides publishing extensive.

Tower Over Nebraska Town Is a Flash Point on the Path to a 5G Future - Bloomberg
The people of Papillion, Nebraska like the idea of faster, more powerful wireless service in their town of 19,000 -- but not if it means they have to agree to an 11-story tower looming over a church. City officials rejected that proposal and three.

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One of the staple features of cities of the future, if we can believe the artists and filmmakers who provide us with images of them, is the airborne taxi that whisks people from one strangely shaped building to another, heedless of the — presumably.

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He is also a qualified helicopter and fixed wing pilot ... a Peterborough-based software company which offers browser-based products to help financial and business management. In 2016, BCS turned over £27 million and made a pre-tax profit of £3.2.

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Have a Well-defined Road Map One of the required supplements ... Think about putting these assets into version control or some well-defined project management software. It can go a long way toward helping you keep information organized.

Shriram Transport Finance – green shoots in the distant horizon -
On the asset quality front, post the migration to 90-day norm, we expect the asset quality deterioration to peak out and from FY19, provisioning requirement should abate. The management expects a 50 basis points reduction in credit cost in the next two.

Blackstone, SoftBank Deals Put Saudi Wealth Fund on the Map - Bloomberg
The PIF agreed to commit $20 billion to an infrastructure investment fund with Blackstone, the world's biggest private-equity manager . Blackstone plans to raise the same amount from other investors and with leverage, the New York-based asset manager &nbsp.

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The $33 billion wealth fund has been the only source of dollars at auctions since February, when the central bank stopped sales after its assets declined to $4 billion. The regulator will use the Sofaz funds to offer more dollars and help repay foreign.

Etihad Faces Tough Air Berlin Call After Alitalia Bankruptcy - Bloomberg
“It's imperative that Etihad defines a clear road map ,” said aviation specialist Mark Martin, who heads the Dubai -based Martin Consultancy. “The time has come for Etihad to face tough decisions, either to stop the financial bleed or stay invested with.

Reorganizing Spa Operations to Leverage Automation and Technology - Hospitality Net
Traditionally spa and wellness operations have been divided into departments and categories centered on performance and profitability, fixed on manual services to generate the bulk of treatment revenue and sales. Considering the increasing challenges.

Nigeria to Cut Stake in Oil Assets Under Buhari's Growth Map - Bloomberg
Buhari proposes in a 2017-2020 economic blueprint to reduce the government's stake in joint-venture oil assets and other holdings. Selling them will “optimize their efficiency and reduce fiscal burden on the government,” according to the proposal.

Why 2017 May Be Another Volatile Year for the World's Biggest Bond Market - Bloomberg
In other words, HSBC is pouring cold water on conventional attempts to map out the outlook for 10-year Treasuries, which serve as the effective risk-free benchmark for trillions of dollars of fixed -income assets and the bellwether for investor.

You should read the following ... deferred tax asset is completely offset by a valuation allowance due to the uncertainty of realization. We evaluate the necessity of the valuation allowance quarterly. Estimated Costs to Complete Fixed-Price Contracts.

ECB Still Behind the Fed Even With Euro Area Outpacing US - Bloomberg
None other than the world's largest asset manager has raised a warning flag over the U.S. economy, arguing that companies are unlikely to step up investment until they gain clarity about Donald Trump's political intentions and his clout to push them.

China GDP grows at steady clip in Q3, but economists anticipate slowdown - DIGITALLOOK
Urban fixed asset investment slowed to a 7.8% pace year-to-date in September (consensus: 7.7%), but industrial production and retail sales reportedly grew slightly more quickly than expected last month, rising by 6.6% (consensus: 6.5%) and 10.3%&nbsp.