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They make less and live longer. That’s why retirement planning is so key for women.
Delay starting Social Security: Because of longer life expectancy, it is especially important for ... Be prepared: A divorce attorney I know likes to say, “A man is not a financial plan.” You can do a lot to eliminate unknowns and build confidence.

How to avoid costly tax traps with inherited IRAs - Journal of Accountancy
asked Joe Cannova, CPA, owner of Joseph A. Cannova CPA CFP, an accounting and financial planning firm in Toms River, N.J. Depending on the relationship between the decedent and the beneficiary, an inherited IRA may come as a complete surprise to the.

3 Big Mistakes That Can Screw Up Even the Best Retirement Plan
Even people who get the basics right often fall down when it comes to other key areas of retirement planning. Which is why you want ... Unlike other calculators that merely tell you your life expectancy — or the age, on average, to which someone your.

Steven Merrell, Financial Planning: Inheriting my husband's IRA - Monterey County Herald
Because you are more than 10 years younger than your husband, you have the benefit of calculating the RMD using the IRS Joint Life and Last Survivor Expectancy Table. Given your age difference, using this table will result in a RMD that is about 7.

Landfill "lives" coming to a close - Payson Roundup
Back in 2000, the supervisors adopted a master plan calling for annual rate hikes, with three increases between 2001 and 2007. When the economy crashed in 2008, the supervisors froze rates. If the county had followed its financial plan , current fees.

Reason No. 1468 For 401k Financial Wellness - The 401(k) Specialist (blog)
People who took the quiz struggled most with questions pertaining to long-term financial well-being, such as claiming Social Security benefits, planning for health care in retirement and purchasing the appropriate amount of life insurance. Most.

Projected Life Expectancy Shocks Clients
Financial advisor and physician Carolyn McClanahan ... based fee-only planning firm, Life Planning Partners, Inc., uses the software’s life expectancy quiz with her own clients. That’s how she discovered a 72-year-old client was neglecting his health.

Ensure a smooth business transfer - Financial Planning
The installment period on a SCIN cannot exceed the life expectancy of the seller. Private annuity. This option combines the need for lifetime income with the desire to sell the business to the next generation. With this strategy, the owner sells the.

Financial Planning: The Importance of Building a Diverse Investment Portfolio
Sarah Boseley of the reports that, according to the World Health Organisation, "life expectancy across the globe has ... building your personal retirement fund. Not only is financial planning an important part of saving for your retirement.

Reverse mortgages under fire again ​ - InvestmentNews (blog)
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a new report warning seniors against using a reverse mortgage as an income bridge to delay collecting Social Security benefits. ... If a single person lives to normal life expectancy , it doesn't.

This couple face 'significant risks' if they carry debt into retirement - The Globe and Mail
Work longer: If they were to continue working until Arlo reaches the age of 70 and Alice is 66, their spending goal of $120,000 a year "may be sustainable past Arlo's life expectancy and until Alice reaches age 91," the planner says. Her financial plan.

When should young people buy life insurance?
she receives a complimentary $100,000 life insurance policy through the Ontario ... president of Cindy David Financial Group and senior estate planning advisor at Raymond James in Vancouver. A 25-year-old female non-smoker would pay $109 per year for.

Planning for clients with chronic diseases: Money's the easy part - Bank Investment Consultant
Laura Steckler, an advisor with Raymond James' Steckler Wealth Management Group in Coral Gables, Florida, developed a long-term financial plan for a client who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease seven years ago at the age of 53. “We potentially.

Steven Merrell, Financial Planning: Planning for longevity - Monterey County Herald
A 2011 survey by the Society of Actuaries, found that 79 percent of retirees estimated their personal life expectancy to be shorter than actuarial estimates. Over half of the under-estimators missed by more than five years. If you believe the actuaries.