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Will Trump's America And A Post-Brexit UK Benefit From A Future Free Trade Agreement?
Simultaneously, there has been much talk about the U.K. finding future trading partners in a post-Brexit world. From Canada to Australia to China to India ... the free trade agreements America has or is planning to get involved with prior to his presidency.

SEBI studying global advisory practices on fee - Morningstar India
These regulations place a fiduciary standard on advisers, requiring advisers to place investors' interests ahead of their own. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has declared that the term 'independently owned' can be used only by.

The Lies Your Financial Advisor Tells (And How To Spot Them) - HuffPost
“That is perhaps the biggest lie,” says Warren Ward, a Columbus, Ind.-based financial advisor. There's so much title confusion in the industry, and it's a confusion that unscrupulous advisors often take advantage of. “They are apparently free to call.

Are Hong Kong's university students ready for the workplace of the future? - South China Morning Post
Years of toiling over excessive homework and rote learning to cope with make-or-break exams seem to have failed to prepare Hong Kong's youngsters for the workplace, which might trigger post -university stress, according to experts. Educators and a.

Australia's Bozzii out to curb exploitation of migrant workers
Other jobseeker platforms allow employers to post jobs that do not meet the minimum requirements. The sad thing is, someone will apply and take that job as they have no other option. Financial ... Australia to add 'values' test to citizenship exam There's.

Four financial advisers aged 27-54 reveal how they are investing their pension - Money Observer
39;As I became more experienced and passed my financial planning exams , I realised that I should probably tolerate more daily volatility as I have nearly 40 years before I am likely to use these funds,' she says. 'I switched into the Standard Life.

FINRA Proposes New Registration and Examination Rules - HuffPost
Currently, if a registered person is not employed with a member firm for a period of two years, their securities license will lapse (except for the SIE) and they will need to retake a particular examination if they become re-employed by a member firm.

Why you must seek professional investing advice - Morningstar India
Much of the difference in risk tolerance stems from one's investment horizon. That is, someone with a short investment time horizon is less able to withstand losses. The remainder of the difference is attributable to the individual's appetite for risk.

When the post is a nightmare for small business
The orders are flooding in, and online orders are being packed and sent to customers via Australia Post, one of the growing number of ... Doig's business turned over just over $100,000 last financial year due to inflated operating costs.

Critics of Australia Post's decision to sack 900 staff questioning CEO Ahmed Fahour's $4.8 million salary
Critics of Australia Post's decision to sack 900 administration staff are questioning the multi-million-dollar salary awarded to the company's ... supposedly, in dire financial straits and for the last five years," Ms Cramp told the ABC's 7.30 program.

Meet Australia's top IT leaders
Australia Post has been busily working to reinvent itself in recent ... ING's IT architecture in recent years has set the online bank up perfectly to move quickly on financial services innovation. Its rebuild to an architecture based on Google's Polymer.

Slaying the Five Giants: the 75th anniversary of the Beveridge Report - New Statesman
Beveridge's plan was predicated on keeping unemployment under control and for much of the post -war period both Labour and Conservative governments worked to keep it remarkably low. Mainly it varied between 100,000 and 300,000 - under 4 per cent of the.

How the GFC changed this planner's business model - Professional Planner
In the wake of the GFC, Pecotic moved to a fee-based structure, and has become a big advocate of greater professionalism and transparency within the industry. When he started in the industry, he was an ambitious 19-year-old, still studying at.

How past governments dealt with low wages - MacroBusiness (blog)
That question and the resulting policy answer, outlined in the Curtin government's 1945 white paper Full Employment in Australia , resulted in the post -war boom with full employment and falling inequality for the next 25 years. The 1945 white paper (a.