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Harvey Wasn't Just Bad Weather. It Was Bad City Planning - Bloomberg
It's the fourth-biggest city in the U.S., boasting one of the world's largest medical centers, oil refineries, a stupendous livestock show and rodeo, highbrow culture, vibrant economic growth, and speakers of 145 languages. The consolidated ... “This.

Book review: A Nation's Fate? - Daily Maverick
Yes, with the collapse of apartheid, the country's new government had found itself the inheritor of an infrastructure that was partially First World, but significantly Third World. There was some serious obvious technological prowess but that ... In a.

White House vows 'massive military response' to North Korea's nuclear threats, weighs major sanctions - New York Daily News
North Korea nuclear test: US says Kim Jong-un is 'begging for war' as he 'prepares to launch missile' - latest news

Pittsburgh Is Going Green, But Who Is Getting Left Behind? - Gizmodo Australia
But a pattern is emerging in Pittsburgh as it has elsewhere: neighbourhoods depressed by one collapse or another renew themselves, then outsiders come and price out locals. Inequality's many ... A 2016 report from the American Council for an Energy.

Opinion: Collapsing pensions will fuel America's next financial crisis - MarketWatch
But while fudging GDP numbers is dangerous for America's economic outlook and the demise of Social Security in two decades is a serious long-term concern, America faces a mathematical problem that dwarfs both of these items: A pending pension crisis.

Review of Spiraling Downward: Thinking About and Planning for Economic Collapse
Given the financial, economic and societal challenges ... I think The Wolf Pack would consider the information in Spiraling Downward: Thinking About and Planning for Economic Collapse helpful to have.

Planning for Korean Reunification - economia
I recently conducted a quantitative assessment of the economic impacts of unification on North and South Korea under several hypothetical scenarios, assuming North Korea's sudden collapse . As it turns out, a peacefully managed ... As for South Korea.

Opinion: James Rickards says Donald Trump can't stop the next financial crisis - MarketWatch
In his latest book, “The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis,” he paints a picture of how that crisis will unfold. He argues that rather than pumping the financial ... Rickards, who now advises the Defense.

Cashgate suspect Kazombo collapses in court as witness implicates Kabambe, Mwadiwa and Pondelani - Nyasa Times
In his testimony, fifth witness Munthali, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Projects officer in the monitoring section who during the 2013 cash gate period was Assistant Budget Officer in the same ministry told the court that his role as.

On the road: Primark and Eason in Dublin, and Ireland's Brexit fears - Retail Week
In the case of the Irish capital, where Retail Week spoke to Primark boss Paul Marchant and other retailers, it reflects a bounceback from the ravages of the financial crash and subsequent recession. Ireland's economy grew by 5% overall last year, and.

How to Best Prepare your Finances for the Next Recession. - Huffington Post
“Are you prepared for the coming economic collapse ?” I received an email with this headline from a TV host from a major TV network, I won't embarrass them by .... On the other hand if they are a Fiduciary Certified Financial Planner ™ I would hope they.

Will Trump's Stupid Economics Crash Stock And Bond Markets? - Forbes
Last week I wrote a column entitled Stupid Economics in which I laid out the potentially enormous economic costs of Trump's proposed international trade policies. These policies include, we've now learned, ... Trump's game plan appears to be to.