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Liz Koh: When your mortgage is gone, it's time to build your wealth -
If you have planned your financial future well, your mortgage should be repaid well before your intended date of retirement to allow you to add to your retirement capital. Making the choice to pay off your mortgage before investing is a good one, with.

We have done all that we said we would do: Ajit Dayal, outgoing director of Quantum AMC - Economic Times
So, the first idea of a mutual fund came from the late Ashok Birla - the only thinker in the Birla group who envisaged a changing world in the mid-1980's. ... You trust your financial advisor . You believe they are giving you advice based on what is.

Your Financial Roadmap
Regardless of whether you are just starting out or are closer to retirement, it is essential to have an idea of where ... the basics is a good first step to formulating a successful financial strategy. However, a professional financial planner can act.

3 Things Most Financial Planners Do Wrong
For related reading, see: 7 Financial Advisor Red Flags.) These planning ideas end up in limbo not because of time ... I bet you will find it much easier for you to say β€œyes” and feel good about it.

How Many Funds Make a Good Mix? - Memphis Daily News
The idea is to put together a portfolio that can generate the returns needed to achieve your financial goals but won't be so volatile that you'll be tempted to make mistakes – from fear or greed – when the market goes through its inevitable swings. If.

Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (Aug 19-20)
I write about financial planning strategies and practice management ideas, and have created several businesses to help people implement them.

Why prearranging your funeral is a good idea
However, "being prepaid gives peace of mind. You are planning what you want and paying for what you want, not leaving a financial burden on family members," she said. Louis R. Ruggiero, director and CEO of Iliff-Ruggiero Funeral Home, said people who.

Noel Swain: What to expect from an elite adviser - Spartanburg Herald Journal
What can one expect when he or she visits a financial adviser for the first time? Just the same as in hotels, ... An elite adviser also makes his clients' lives easier by taking care of the little issues that may come up, like getting a distribution.

The 3 Biggest Misconceptions About Financial Planning
Countless stories of unfortunate clients who've lost everything as a result of following unscrupulous advice only support this idea. Good financial planners are less concerned about sales tactics than they are with helping you understand all the choices.

Helping Wealthy Clients Achieve Better Outcomes - Financial Advisor Magazine (registration)
More discussion can be found in two articles I wrote with Sam Pittman, director of asset allocation at Russell Investments, in the February and April issues of Financial Advisor addressing the PFR and rethinking retirement liability. Combining Future.

Digital Currencies: To Invest Or Not To Invest? - CoinTelegraph
Most would reject the idea as β€œtoo risky.” But wait. In this article, I will tell you, why you need not fear ... over the past few years and are worthy of a second look. Here are few thoughts why it might be a good idea to include digital currencies in.