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A new survey of students' attitudes toward online education highlights their rising expectations of colleges in a market that is growing increasingly competitive. The students expect fast answers to their questions about financial aid and whether their.

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America First -

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quot;College was fun for me, too, and so now I'm getting to help tell the story of why Georgia Tech is so much fun and the unique things that happen here." Mr. Norris, who has been Georgia Tech's sole social-media employee since he began there, in 2012.

Workday Sets New Bar for Student Information Systems With Workday Student
Designed with input from more than 40 institutions, Workday Student is a mobile-first system that includes student recruiting, admissions, curriculum management, student records, academic advising, financial aid ... the wider student information system.

Classroom and Academic Scheduling Changes in Place for Fall Semester - Georgia Tech News Center
Additionally, all functions related to the scheduling of classrooms are now managed by Assistant Registrar for Academic Scheduling Sabrina Miller, who joined the Registrar's Office this summer. Ruth Pierre ... This tool, once implemented, will help.

A.S. Update: New Registration Deadlines, Aztecs Rock Hunger, Campus Safety
Conaty said everyone, including students, faculty, parents and advisors should care about this change because ... Students benefiting from financial aid can utilize the fee postponement program. Students who do not qualify for financial aid can sign.

Fall Continues Flurry of Construction - Georgia Tech News Center
building, more commonly known as Tech Tower, was completed in July. Faculty and staff from the Office of the Registrar , College of Sciences, and College of Engineering have all returned to the space, parts of which has transformed significantly.

After the Hype, Do MOOC Ventures Like edX Still Matter? - The Chronicle of Higher Education
So as an example, our stacked degree program that we launched with Georgia Tech — the OMA, the online master's in analytics on edX is a stacked degree program. ... And if we can help people learn — for a lot of people, they can learn analytics, learn AI.

From Doctoral Study to … Institutional Research - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Wikipedia defines IR as "a broad category of work done at schools, colleges, and universities to inform campus decision-making and planning in areas such as admissions, financial aid , curriculum, enrollment management, staffing, student life, finance,&nbsp.

At Georgia Tech, Tensions Over How to Mark a Student's Killing by the Police - The Chronicle of Higher Education
A police car was torched on Monday at the Georgia Institute of Technology after a campus police officer shot and killed a student, and a subsequent protest turned violent. Investigators said the student, Scout Schultz, leader of a campus LGBT group.

CU honors employees
executive director of financial aid; Sharon Kerestes, M.E., curriculum materials center librarian and assistant professor of library science; Loren Kuhn, event manager; David Leitch, J.D., assistant professor of special education; Lindsey McCarty.

5 Surprising Reasons Colleges May Give You Less Financial Aid
About three-quarters of undergraduates get less scholarship or grant money than they need to afford college without taking on debt. In fact, the average college reports providing enough aid to meet only 66% of the financial needs of students. And the gaps.

Consultant Controversy Drives Out President of Northern Illinois U. - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Mr. Long argued that Mr. Baker was being made a "fall guy" for the university's financial troubles in the face of a state-budget impasse that has persisted for two years, and probably never would have come under scrutiny if Northern Illinois had been.

Koch Foundation Officer, a Critic of Title IX Guidance, Will Join Education Dept. - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Adam Kissel, a senior program officer at the Charles Koch Foundation, was tapped on Monday to serve as deputy assistant secretary for higher-education programs at the U.S. Department of Education. The unit he will lead "administers programs that.