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6 mistakes to avoid while calculating your retirement corpus - Economic Times
Experts advise you should start saving for retirement the day you get a job . However, most people consider the ... Demonetization has been one of the most criticized moves by PM Modi and everyone from former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to former RBI.

After nearly 10 years as a financial planner, the first 2 questions I ask every client have nothing to do with money - Business Insider
When I start working with a new client, I need to know everything — and I mean everything — about their finances. From monthly expenses to account balances to credit card interest rates, no detail is too small. But before we get into the financial.

Breaking Out of the Third World: India's Economic Imperative -- Address by Stanley Fischer, Special Advisor to the Managing Director, IMF
Three times in the last year, I planned trips to India only to have to cancel them because of crises in other parts of the world. Now it is up to other people at the IMF to deal ... if the financial system is to do its job efficiently — particularly.

CNBC Transcript: Arun Jaitley, India Finance Minister and Minister of Corporate Affairs
SJ: If we can talk about financial ... Air India which is widely seen as the company that is going to really set the tone. Are you finding buyers for the government stakes in Air India? Arun Jaitley: We're on the verge of appointing a transaction advisor.

Be it boyfriend jeans or lingerie, Raksha Shetty’s XXLLENT is a one-stop shop for plus-size fashion
At the time, she had completed her master’s in marketing from Aston University, and held a job as an investment advisor and financial planner. She was then laying the groundwork to bring biodegradable cement bags to India – but the financial.

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Sophia Bera, a certified financial planner and the founder of Gen Y Planning, explains why you should negotiate your salary when starting a new job . Following is a transcript of the video. So what a lot of people don't realize is that the best time to.

Meet KK Venugopal India's 15th Attorney General; all you want to know about government's chief legal advisor - Financial Express
An Attorney General is appointed by the President of India under Article 76(1) of the Constitution and holds office during the pleasure of the President. Meanwhile, 86-year-old Venugopal, hailing from Kerala's Kasargode district started his legal.

I'm a financial planner — here's what I tell people who ask if they're saving enough money - Business Insider
As a financial planner in New York City, I see firsthand how dismayed many people are by the standard savings advice. To those of us who work ... Speaking of momentum, it could be time to look for a new job with a higher salary. Getting a raise allows.

Recent immigrant from India, 30, builds 'financial stability' in Canada - The Globe and Mail
Within a week he had secured a job . "I initially ended up working as a call centre guy," he says. And in February of 2015, he got a medical licence. "Within a week, I got into my chosen field," says Kuruvilla, adding that he chose a job in Peterborough.