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Mutual-fund fees decline as stocks rise and investors get smarter
Mutual-fund fees are dropping ... discounts in which fees in many funds dropped as the assets in those portfolios rose, according to the analysis by fund tracker Morningstar Inc. The price reductions, known as breakpoints, automatically kick in based.

Comparing Mutual Fund A-Shares to C-Shares
The more money you invest, the smaller the front-load is as a percentage (called breakpoints). For instance, ICA’s maximum load is 5.75%. But, if you invest $100,000, your load is reduced to 4.5%. A-share mutual funds also charge a 12b-1 fee (also called.

Why Most Mutual Funds Underperform And How To Find Ones That Don't
Wall Street is loath to admit that investing in the vast majority of their nearly 8,000 mutual ... so many funds choose growth over performance, maximizing revenues at the expense of performance. There seems to be a structural breakpoint somewhere around.

The Lowdown on Mutual Fund Sales Loads
Here is how the loads work: Breakpoint discounts Just as with groceries, if you buy mutual fund shares in bulk, you often get a discount. Some front-end load funds offer volume discounts. The amount of the discount goes up as the size of your investment.

Rating Breakdown: Best And Worst ETFs, Mutual Funds By Sector
As mentioned above, the Health Care sector had the only Very Attractive ETF or mutual fund. However, it also has a Very Dangerous fund in Fidelity Advisor Series VII: Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology Fund (MUTF:FBTAX). FBTAX has a 1.54% Expense Ratio and a 2.

Invest in Award Winning Mutual Funds Only? - Mutual Fund Commentary
won the Health/Biotechnology Funds categories over the last 3 and 5-year periods. However, while FBTAX carries a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #5 (Strong Sell), FBIOX holds a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #4 (Sell). Fidelity Investments were major gainers with 16 of its.

Serving as the primary adviser for mutual funds is more work because of the complex overlay of regulatory, tax, and accounting issues, which are unique to mutual funds. In addition, the operational work required to service shareholders is more extensive.

How Many Mutual Fund Classes Are Available?
There several different mutual fund classes ... than Class B or C funds. Because of the up-front load requirement, Class A funds will offer discounts on the load based on the amount of the initial investment. This is referred to as breakpoints, which.

Lower Your Fees With Mutual Fund Breakpoints
Mutual fund companies offer many creative ways to allow investors access to sales breakpoints, but generally speaking, investors need relatively large sums of money to benefit from these programs. You may be entitled to a sales breakpoint in any of the.

What's your mutual fund's real return?
What do you earn from your mutual fund? It depends on how you slice it. But the more you know about your real return, the more you're likely to keep for yourself. Consider the 25 largest stock funds, whose gains have varied the past 10 years from an.