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Q: What Does An Exit Planning Advisor Not Need To Know A: Everything
Let’s watch as their meeting with their financial planner hits a wall. After Giselle (the Drakes’ financial planner and Exit Planning advisor) quantified the gap between the Drakes’ existing resources and the assets they’d need to attain their exit.

How Financial Planning Becomes Therapy
But that doesn't mean they can't be therapeutic." Many Americans attempt to navigate the complex world of investing and retirement planning on their own, when guidance from a qualified financial advisor could make a world of difference. If you need.

For The Financial Planners Out There
For your joke of the week, my wife and I just hit 70, and figured financial planning might be warranted. We called the in-house "wealth management" division of our local bank, and the guy just chuckled. "So", he said, "you have a conservative portfolio in.

How to choose a financial adviser
A certified financial planner, said Shannon Pike, a vice president at Tanglewood Legacy Advisors in Houston and the current president of the Financial Planning Association. “You absolutely should find someone who is certified or qualified,” says Pike.

Dean McDermott reportedly in financial, legal trouble
Spelling and McDermott have lately suffered a series of major financial struggles. Since January 2016, they’ve been hit with a string of lawsuits and liens for credit-card debts, bank loans and overdue taxes well into the six figures. In March.

I ditched my financial advisor for an app, and saving money has never been easier
Gordon Gekko probably never saw robo-advisors coming. 20th Century Fox A few ... Wealthfront, for example, is already offering planning advice. If you link your various financial accounts — retirement, credit card, savings — to its service, it can.

Financial planning knowledge to help you better serve your clients.
In an effort to provide premium service to clients, it’s common for financial advisors to be granted a standing letter of authorization – or “SLOA” – to enact money movements in and out of a client’s account. The use of SLOAs and other.

What Is a Financial Advisor — and Do I Need One?
is another type of financial advisor who generally focuses on tax and accounting services. Some CPAs also hold the personal financial specialist designation that signals a broader focus on financial planning. A financial advisor can also hold multiple.

Financial Planning Tips for Generation X
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