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Why the Bull Market May Last Until 2018 - Investopedia
The bull market in stocks is still alive and kicking and is likely to extend into 2018. But the bull's final charge won't be pretty, according to Doug Ramsey , chief investment officer at Minneapolis-based Leuthold Group, as reported by Barron's. Stocks.

Are Tech Stocks in a Bubble? Nah. - Nasdaq
If you follow financial news, you've likely seen a recent spate of headlines wondering if we've entered a bubble in technology stocks akin to the one that popped in March 2000, sending stocks tumbling into a bear market. Many such stories cropped up in.

Tyson Foods Restructures Organization to Boost Efficiency - Nasdaq
Also, they will directly report to Tom Hayes, Tyson Foods' president and CEO. Additionally, Sally Grimes, Doug Ramsey and Noel White have been appointed to supervise Prepared Foods, Poultry, and Fresh Meats (Beef and Pork) & International, respectively.

Second-longest bull market ever aging gracefully, but investors wonder how long it will last - CNBC
Doug Ramsey , CIO of Leuthold Group, has been bullish since the early-2016 correction abated but remains wary of the market's staying power. "We believe this bull market still has legs … but so might the mini-correction that's hit mainly the secondary.

Veteran Investment Strategist James Paulsen Joins The Leuthold Group
Paulsen will continue publishing his market and economic commentary and join Chief Investment Officer Doug Ramsey and the Leuthold investment team in serving institutional, financial advisor and investment professional clients. “A leading thinker like.

High Times: S&P 500 Hits Record as Grind Higher Continues - Barron's
As confidence rises, aside from new hirings, people feel empowered to create 'start-ups'. There is a requirement for everything from furnishings to telephone systems to mainframes. Lethold Group's Doug Ramsey argues that tech is not experiencing.

The 'ridiculous' reason tech stocks aren't in a bubble - MarketWatch
Keep your cool, going by our call of the day from Doug Ramsey , chief investment officer at the Leuthold Group. He says techs are definitely not frothing over right now. “We'll say it again. It's not the excitement, nor the gee-whiz innovations like.

What Will Happen to German American Bancorp., Inc. (GABC) Next? The Stock Just Reaches 52-Week High - BZ Weekly
Artal Group Sa Has Raised Neurocrine Biosciences (NBIX) Position; Last Week German American Bancorp., Inc ... Herald KS.

Stocks: A Crowded Elevator Ready to Go Down? - Barron's
Stocks aren't cocktail-party chatter yet, avers Doug Ramsey , chief investment officer at Leuthold Group. If anything, the bull market that's about to mark its eighth birthday has been puzzling, in that it's gone this far without big public.

Leuthold Group's Doug Ramsey Sees a Bear Market Coming - Barron's
11, but the bear is getting ready to pounce again, according to Doug Ramsey , chief investment officer of Minneapolis-based Leuthold Group. Founded by the legendary Steve Leuthold, the investment-research firm has studied market tops and bottoms for&nbsp.

After a long drought, bear market funds attract buyers
It's sort of become almost a cliche that this has been the most hated bull market of all time, and I have a hard time buying into that," said Doug Ramsey, chief investment ... chief executive of hedge fund Omega Advisors Inc. "I don't see sentiment.

Event Horizon: Dow Drops 110 Points This Week as Washington Uncertainty Rises - Barron's
The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average ended three-week winning streaks after a chaotic week in Washington but the market continued to run in place. Event Horizon: Dow Drops 110 Points This Week as Washington Uncertainty Rises. Illustration:&nbsp.