Diego Arrillaga Superfund Asset Management

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Mining regulators order Cotter to address heaps of toxic uranium ore
A Superfund cleanup begun there in the 1980s is still not ... We don’t have any concerns,” said Steve Schiesswohl, asset management team leader for the DOE’s uranium program. Still, he said, “we would like it to either be processed or put.

Environmental Due Diligence 101 - Why is it required?
The AAI obligation originated from the CERCLA or “Superfund” law of 1980, and was refined by several later laws: the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act (SARA) in 1986; the Asset Conservation ... part of sound risk management practices.

Providence Foundations, Southern California
Arminio Maria Arminio Sean Armstrong and Family Hazel Arrillaga Association of South Bay Surgeons ... Joan Cassani Cathay Pacific Airways Mr. and Mrs. Vince Cecere Chandler Asset Management J.C. Chang and Associates, Inc. Chevron Products Company Mr.

The 1996 Republican Party Platform
American companies must use the most advanced production technologies, telecommunications, and information management systems ... For most Americans, our home is our primary asset. Mortgage interest should remain deductible from the income tax.

Chat: Christina Kahrl
Christina Kahrl: You'd be surprised. Boone looks very done, to the point that the fork sticking out of him glows. gerry (san diego): The Padres have made ... they are cleaning up a superfund site after all. Saul Rosenberg (Cleveland): I know the Crisp.

The President’s Groundhog’s Day Budget Casts a Shadow on Some but Offers Sunshine for Others
On February 2nd, President Obama released his Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 budget request to Congress. Along with the budget, the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) released a volume called “General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2016.

SES Positions That Were Career Reserved During CY 2013
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Eloise Jefferson, Senior Executive Resources Services, Senior Executive Services and Performance Management, Employee Services, 202-606-2246.

New Leaders of the Bar 2013
Generally, this is because one who has excelled while under 40 at a large organization has demonstrated to the management precisely the qualities we focus on in this survey. Neither did we give preference to characteristics like gender and ethnicity.

Breaking News: Mary Barra in as GM CEO, First Woman to Run Major Car Company
There will be a formal announcement by Dan Akerson later this morning, but now that the U.S. government has divested all of its bailout related shares in General Motors, Detroit radio stations are reporting that Dan Akerson will be stepping down as Chief.

California’s E-Waste Program Burdened with Fraud
Bob Erie, chief executive officer of E-World Recyclers north of San Diego and once a supporter of the state ... offers electronics recyclers and others including asset management and refurbishing operations national certification to the e-Stewards.