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Strategic profile" picks are industry-leading firms with sustainable competitive advantages and reliable cash flows (similar to Morningstar's economic moats ... The portfolio may comprise individual stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and.

The Mutual Fund Industry Is A Huge Scam That Costs Investors Billions Of Dollars A Year
Yale's legendary investment guru, David Swensen, shreds the mutual-fund industry ... not funds that are likely to do well in the future. Specifically, year in year out, investors buy funds that have been given 4 and 5 stars by Morningstar and withdraw.

4 Mutual Fund Managers Who Can Help You Beat the Market
See Also: 4 Funds to Cut Your Risk in a Stock Market Correction The unkindest cut came in a recent study by Morningstar, which found “no relationship between any type of management change and future returns” for mutual funds. Would Bill Belichick of.

Doing good with your investment dollars
Transferring your mutual fund shares ... you're proud to own. Using Morningstar or the fund company's web site you can review a list of stock holdings to see if their version of socially responsible meets your standards. David Gardner is a certified.

This DFA Fund Outperforms With Exotic Focus On Both Stocks, Bonds
The fund declines less than its large-cap blend peers tracked by Morningstar ... mutual funds, out of 1,104 with assets of at least $100 million, prevailed as winners across four time spans. It was similarly hard in other categories. So, how do David.

How to pick an investment adviser: Don't be dazzled by short-term gains
To make it into the honor roll, a newsletter had to perform better in each kind of market than at least half of the U.S. equity mutual funds in Morningstar’s database ... The Buyback Letter. Editor David Fried constructs his model portfolios from.

Morningstar's Dominance: The Good, Bad And Ugly
“The Morningstar Mirage,” a recent article from the Wall Street Journal, shows the dangers of herd-following in the mutual ... fund managers sometimes pursue suboptimal strategies in order to cater to the Morningstar ratings system. David Blanchett.

Market Trends Bring a Big Tax Bite for Some Fund Investors
30, according to Morningstar ... says David Haviland, a portfolio manager with Beaumont Capital Management in Needham, Mass. One category that could be hit hard by distributions this year is large-cap growth mutual funds. As of Nov. 2, the group had.

Bitcoin Bonanza: Best ETFs And Mutual Funds For Bullish Bets On The Blockchain
Assets have ballooned to more than a billion dollars, according to Morningstar. In April ... Here’s an overview of some mutual funds and ETFs that made bets on Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT). Validus Disciplined Growth & Income 0.93 93,091.00 239.00.

Masayoshi Son Dreams of Many Vision Funds: DealBook Briefing
Shareholders in Morningstar were clearly pessimistic about the investment research giant after the WSJ published its report on how poorly the company’s mutual fund ratings tracked ... according to David McCabe of Axios. Now that Thomas Barrack’s.