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Ronnie Rodriguez named new Nicholls Chief Financial Officer
Ronnie Rodriguez has been named the new chief financial advisor at Nicholls State University and will begin working on Oct. 13. Mike Naquin, current chief financial officer, said that the university is lucky to find someone with that much experience.

Don’t Deal with Debt Alone.
In this case a personal financial advisor should be sought; and getting the right financial advisor is very important. As somebody who is inexperienced in the world of finance it is probably best to seek help from an Independent Financial Advisor.

Lesson From The Lottery: Finding The Right Advisor
Abraham Shakespeare did not have much luck finding a financial advisor. The dead body of the Florida lottery ... You can learn more about him at [gravatar email="[email protected]" size="60" alt="Don McNay" class="user-picture"] Don.

Trump Sacks Top Financial Advisor Adebayo Ogunlesi
The announcement came via Twitter, where he announced the dissolution of two business advisory councils in one… The post Trump Sacks Top Financial Advisor Adebayo Ogunlesi appeared first on The Herald Nigeria.

Cloud-Oriented Architecture and the Internet of Things
Quick quiz for all your Cloud aficionados out there: what’s missing from the NIST definition of Cloud Computing? To make this challenge easy for you, here’s the definition: “Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand.

“My Doctor Was Blown Away with My Results”
Two shows out of the week is now about health and nutrition. He is my business/financial guru advisor, besides Dave Ramsey. That is now my health consultant that has led me to great health and your website.

Don’t become a financial scam victim.
Understand what you are buying or investing in. If an investment or major purchase is involved, request that information also be sent to your accountant, financial advisor, banker, or attorney for evaluation and an opinion. Ask what action you would be.

Frazier Allen: To be or not to be – in debt
Call on your financial advisor for guidance as you weigh your options and to help you to map out a plan to strategically manage your debt while pursuing your long-term goals.

11 Signs Your Financial Advisor Is Robbing You Blind (And How To Stop It!)
you naturally turn to a financial advisor for help. Seems like the only rational choice, right? It is a good choice actually - the bad news is that many people cannot be trusted with your money, including so-called “financial advisors”. That term is.

At Morningstar, Sallie Krawcheck blasts her own [presumably ex-] financial advisor -- and herself
Neither, in defiance of the unwritten rule for 2015 financial services industry conferences, did she say a word about robo-advisors. This was especially disappointing given the rumors that Ellevate Asset Management is poised to become a robo-advisor for women.