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Shares in the parent company of British Airways fell on Tuesday after a huge IT failure left 75,000 passengers stranded over a holiday weekend, dealing a major blow to an airline that once marketed itself as "the world's favorite." The British flag.

Investment Trust Watch: can British Empire strike back?
British Empire Securities (BTEM ) shares have slipped to a wide ... last month), the shares have lagged the FTSE World index and most other global funds. According to Morningstar, the portfolio’s NAV has fallen 6% this year, with the shares 8% lower.

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Mr. Fredriksen said U.S. hedge funds and Chinese state-owned shipping companies were responsible for the cratering of the global shipping market over the past few years. Industry executives say around $30 billion was put into shipping from 2009 to 2015&nbsp.

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quot;If a young professional, say she is 25, earns $50,000 per year, saves $5,000 each year, and places this money into her company's 401(k) balanced mutual fund or even an ETF, which earns 8% annually on average; she could end up with $1.3 million in&nbsp.

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Britain won't become a corporate tax haven in order to stay competitive after leaving the EU, its Treasury chief promised at the weekend. That's the latest big shift in U.K. policy since the general election in June, which failed to deliver the mandate.

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They are offering mutual ... British Airways, one of the world's largest airlines, teamed up with the Royal Bank of Canada to introduce a multiple-currency money market fund in November that holds cash in bank deposits and money market securities.

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Assets remain steady at a current $175 billion, according to Morningstar , a research firm in Chicago that tracks mutual funds . That is remarkable considering the large outflows from the sector's former juggernaut, the Marketfield Fund , which shrank.

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This now-retired, self-made billionaire who built a British cellphone empire still maintains many aspects of a budget lifestyle. He reportedly still cuts his own hair, refrains from buying expensive wines, and buys his clothes off the rack at British.