Bold Thinking On Investment Management

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An early stage founders guide to working with VCs — Post investment
The main goal of these sessions is to discuss more “operational” aspects (from management concerns to reviewing a sales ... There is no right or wrong here, but by thinking about what you need, it will be easier for you and your investors to get.

Cominar REIT: A Bold New Plan?
The hints from management were that an update would happen on the next ... agency DBRS kept insisting it needed to be geographically diversified to maintain an investment grade rating. With that boat having sailed, Cominar has now decided to sell.

These four fund managers say ‘second-level thinking’ helps them find stock winners
Or do you deliberate, considering a company from all angles — even trying to find the flaws in your own thinking? Taking the extra time ... Miller complemented Dollar General’s management team for using “zero-based budgeting,” which means that.

Edmonton, Calgary police diverge on body-worn cameras for officers
The resulting study found body-worn cameras could be useful, but highlighted four major issues: the need for better hardware and data management ... of cost-benefit analyses to prove the “enormous investment” required to buy and operate the cameras.

Expediency and its impact on your security program
Expediency is what drives people to click on links and open attachments that they shouldn't because they're not taking the time to think about what ... have been spent and management is expecting to see a return on their investment, However, at the end.

Why You Don't Need AI for Project Management
You might want to sleep on that, though, because in the project management domain, the timing might not be ... trust me when I tell you that it's harder to implement than you might think," he wrote. "AI and machine learning are not commonplace today.

Overcoming Millennial Management Obstacles
This may prove challenging to you as an operator or manager, particularly because they also want management to listen to their ideas ... They’re brash, they’re bold, and they’re confident. Change How You Work Kelley has said that observing Millennial.

BETTER TRAINING the best cybersecurity investment
Instead of “risk management,” we propose thinking of it as “risk agility ... The fact is, cybersecurity training is vastly undercapitalized, and the lack of investment in quality cyber education programs is manifest in the sheer volume of breaches.

Europe Sheds Its Brexit Baggage and Aims for a Bold New Relaunch
To underline the range of projects being planned without Britain, Juncker may not even refer to Brexit at all, according to two officials familiar with his thinking who asked ... to high unemployment and sluggish investment. In his Sept.

5 Things GameStop Management Wants You to Know
In the recent earnings call, management emphasized that the sale was not related to the unit's performance and, instead, came down to differing visions for the platform's future -- with Kongregate looking for a bigger investment in expansion than GameStop.