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Chamber welcomes Kendon Perry to organization - Bonner County Daily Bee
In addition Kendon is a financial advisor and is prepared to “help people set goals, build a plan, protect their family and confidently achieve their life and retirement objectives,” Kendon said. Farm Bureau Insurance helps Idaho families and.

Why A Trade War Won't Derail US Energy Exports To Mexico -
Fierce rhetoric from the Trump Administration, including promises to build a border wall and threats of a twenty percent tax on imports from Mexico to pay for it, have fueled speculation of a possible trade war between the United States and its third.

Xinhua: US wasting opportunity in clean energy -
Xinhua cited several clean-energy policy advocates and government advisors who were critical of Trump's emphasis on fossil fuels. Julia King, a climate advisor for the British government, was quoted as saying Trump's economic policies are more aligned&nbsp.

Greece Ends Year With Surplus; Passes Landmark Budget That Projects Economic Growth - Good News Network
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that 2017 will mark Greece's “final exit” from its nearly decade-long financial crisis. The budget adds more than 1 billion euro in new taxes, mostly indirect taxes on items from phone calls to alcohol. It also cuts.

Patent attorney launches intellectual law practice - The Ledger
Patent attorney A.J. Bahou has opened Bahou Law, PLLC. Bahou is experienced in trials and mediations, and is a registered patent attorney who practices in the area of electrical and computer engineering technologies, Blockchain, data privacy, cyber&nbsp.

Is ISIS Giving Up On Oil? -
The Qayyara field near Mosul, which now rests in the firm control of the Iraqi military, offered 8,000 barrels a day of heavy crude to make asphalt, according to The Financial Times. ISIS' crude sold for as low as $25 a barrel depending on quality.

GoldK Adds Insurance Channel; Industry Veteran Robert Bonner, JD, CLU, ChFC to Lead Efforts.
The new program will be headed by Bob Bonner, JD, CLU, ChFC, vice president of Insurance Channel Sales for GoldK. "Insurance broker/dealers are a natural distribution outlet for GoldK's services," said Troy Shaver, vice chairman. "Their advisors have.

Blowing The Competition Away: The Wind Power Boom In The US -
Wind energy is changing the economy of the Midwest. Wind is the fastest growing source of electricity in the United States, and about 70 percent of wind power is located in low income counties. These counties are typically rural, often Midwestern areas.

When Donald Trump Was More Anti-NATO Than Vladimir Putin - Daily Beast
A former U.S. ambassador to Germany, and a State Department official during the Reagan administration, Burt is also a senior advisory board member of Russia's Alfa Bank (lately accused of having engaged in some interesting internet correspondence with.

Iran Won't Cut, Boldly Ask Saudis To Cut 1 Million Bpd -
Less than 24 hours to go until the decisive Wednesday OPEC meeting, not only is Iran refusing to cut its own oil production, but it is also defiantly and boldly 'offering' to Saudi Arabia to cut its crude output to 9.5 million bpd. Iran is not ready to.