Best Commodity Mutual Funds India

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Mutual funds in India register sharp growth since 2014 thanks to retail investors -
There are a wide range of Mutual Funds that cater to the diverse requirements of investors. However, all the funds generally invest in equities, commodities , Government/ corporate debt or money market instruments with some of the funds also.

Planning to invest in mutual funds? Here are 10 fund options to look at -
Investing in mutual funds is one of the best ways to create wealth over a period of time. However, mutual funds come in various types and categories that suit different investment needs. Mutual funds have something for everyone including aggressive.

You can now redeem up to Rs 50000 of your mutual fund money instantly - Hindustan Times
Sebi nod to commodity options will offer new opportunity for investors Economic Times.

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Liquidity: Mutual funds in India are witnessing heavy inflows. New investors and higher investment through systematic investment plan (SIP) is compelling mutual funds to take more risks. Despite record investments in the banking sector, mutual funds.

Reset your return expectations - Indiainfoline (blog)
For India , the primary driver of inflation on the commodity side is oil and oil has seen a significant let up in prices since 2014. Oil is an important ... Bumper crop on the back of good monsoons and destocking (GST) have kept inflation low, but these.

Exchange Traded Funds best bet for risk-averse investors
For such people, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded products (ETPs) present a best ... The Hans India. For uninitiated, ETF, like mutual funds, is a passive investment product that holds assets such as stocks, bonds and commodities.

Mutual fund FAQs: What are sector specific funds/schemes?
FMCG funds: Sector-specific mutual funds catering to the investments in the fast moving commodity goods stocks such as ITC, Hindustan Unilever, P&G, Marico etc. READ MORE: What is mutual fund investment? What is mutual fund? Which is the best mutual fund.

Gold prices at 11-month high: Which gave maximum return - physical gold, bonds or ETFs? - Economic Times
When Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, pressed the button that detonated a hydrogen bomb last fortnight, gold traders around the world must have rejoiced. Gold usually does well during geopolitical turmoil and the current crisis over.

Are Exchange Traded Funds good for you? Find out - Economic Times
The debate between choosing actively managed mutual funds and passively managed schemes like index funds or exchange-traded funds (ETF) has got shriller with the announcement of the government's plan to introduce Bharat 22 ETF. Should you opt ... While.

The Long Case For S&P Global
Among actively managed mutual funds, only 1 in 20 has managed to outperform the indexes ... time shows how strong and resilient these companies can be. The markets and commodities intelligence segment offers risk evaluation, financial data, and research.

Here's why smart Investors in India should opt for P2P lending -
Income-seeking investors who specifically want to diversify their investments get good returns at the end of the day. As a rule of thumb, at least 20 percent of total investments should be in alternative investments like art, commodity , P2P lending etc.

FIIs pull out most, DIIs invest maximum in August since November - Livemint
However, domestic institutional investors (DIIs) pumped in a net of Rs15,695.51 crore in Indian shares in August, the strongest such inflow since November, as they opted for equities through mutual funds , after lower interest rates prompted them to.

Which is the best mutual fund to invest? - Economic Times
There is nothing called a best mutual fund scheme. The best mutual fund scheme will differ for every investor. For example, a largecap scheme is ideal for a conservative equity mutual fund investor looking to invest money for a long-term goal. However.

5 things young investors should know before investing in mutual funds -
As far as safety is concerned, mutual funds can be considered as a safe investment avenue only in terms that they are regulated by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India ). And each company needs to maintain a minimum net worth to set up an AMC.