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Do You Know Where Your Ph.D.'s Are? - Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
When readers were asked about the need for such data, more than 1,000 people responded within a day . About a third said their departments didn't provide data on graduate students, and another third said they didn't know. At least a third reported that.

Often Missing In The Health Care Debate: Women’s Voices
In addition, states have been empowered to cut Title X family planning ... the patient’s life. “We are opposed to what we consider elective abortions,” she said. Bukovinac said she also tries to help women in crisis get financial assistance so.

A funny, scary 'education' conversation - Washington Post (blog)
Male figure: Let's begin today's collaborative planning meeting with successes and challenges. Who would like ... We have been working on it for three days .... Male voice: ... Follow my blog every day by bookmarking washingtonpost.com/answersheet. And.

How to Obtain a Higher Education With a Chronic Illness
It’s true, community colleges are two year institutions, so ask your community college advisor about ... talking about the financial cost. At what point do the side effects and negatives of a medication outweigh the benefits? Each day and each handful.

Why retirees may want to hold on to life insurance
Historic eclipse turns day ... Financial Planning in Pittsburgh. “Life insurance policies that we obtain at a younger age, we can’t go back and get them later in life.” After a policy is no longer needed for debt coverage or income replacement.

Fix the pay imbalance between specialists and primary care physicians
Sometimes you can save a life with aspirin or fix back ... a Harvard health economist who developed the replacement for the old Medicare reimbursement system. At first, the procedure required a three-day hospital stay. When Hsiao did his study for Medicare.

Bay Area Dentist does Same Day Broken Tooth Replacement at Implants Pro Center
It is very common to get broken teeth while eating, playing sport or other life activities ... have fixed tooth attached to an implant on the same day the tooth is extracted. CT-Scans made treatment planning for such emergencies very easy and effective.

So often missing in the healthcare debate: women's voices
As president of Pro-Life Future of San Francisco ... Bukovinac said she also tries to help women in crisis get financial assistance so they don’t end their pregnancies just because they can’t afford to have a baby. “We have to help women obtain.

Xtranormal a day in the life of a financial advisor got me thru
Detector! What would the Bayesian statistician say if I asked him whether the--' [roll] 'I AM A NEUTRINO DETECTOR, NOT A LABYRINTH GUARD. SERIOUSLY, DID YOUR BRAIN FALL OUT?' [roll] '... yes.' It's a debate that dates back a few centuries, though.

Growing parts numbers, tough return rules demand careful planning of orders
But it isn't an exception: Since 2012, estimates Michael Czach, the global strategy and planning manager of Ford Motor Co.'s ... But they also create financial risks for parts managers, Richter notes, because dealerships must pay for such parts upfront.

The most common financial errors independent surgeons make
Having insurance to cover malpractice, liability, disability and life, to say a few ... Young docs should interview and establish a relationship with a credentialed financial planner who will meet with them regularly, keep track of their financials.