12 B-1 Fees Mutual Funds

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Ariel board tells CEO John Rogers to cut fees as clients pick passive
managed index mutual and exchange-traded funds for their lower fees and better performance. In the U.S., they poured more than $700 billion into passive mutual funds and ETFs in the 12 months through July while withdrawing a net $214 billion from.

AllianzGI takes aim at passive investing with low-fee mutual funds
Allianz Global Investors has fired the latest shot in the battle between active and passive investment managers, with the German fund house launching a number of mutual funds that will only charge investors a management fee if they beat their benchmarks.

Fund industry swats down fee suits, but they keep appealing
Mutual funds continue to swat down excessive fee cases ... Advisory fees are separate from the many other fees a fund charges, such as transfer fees and 12-b(1) fees to brokers," he said. While fund boards do have oversight duties over subadvisers.

Q3 2017 Investment Style Ratings For ETFs And Mutual Funds
This fact underscores that (1) cheap funds can dupe investors and (2) investors should invest only in funds with good stocks and low fees. Our Robo-Analyst ... are rated Very Dangerous. Figure 12: Very Dangerous ETFs & Mutual Funds by Investment Style.

FAANG Stocks Reignite Mutual Funds
Over the past several years, actively managed mutual funds have had a rough go of things. Laggard performances coupled with high fees have prompted investors ... "GOOGL (+18 basis points), AAPL (+16 bp) and FB (+12 bp) were among the top ten increases.

Zero Management Fees? They're Already Here
In February, passive investing powerhouse Vanguard cut the expense ratios on 68 mutual fund and exchange ... by cutting the management fees on some on 14 of its 20 passive products taking the average management fee across its fund range from 9.9 basis.

3 Top Healthcare Mutual Funds for Bipartisan Reform
What we looked for To capitalize on the healthcare sector, we utilized the Zacks mutual fund screener ... it has a 0.55% management fee, and the total expense ratio is 0.76. Performance and Management: YTD return +24.3%, 1 year +12.9%, 5 year +22.4.

Pimco Bucks Trend by Raising Fees on Ivascyn’s Income Fund
Shareholders added a net $703.4 billion to passively run mutual and exchange-traded funds while withdrawing $214.5 billion from active funds in the 12 months through July, according to Morningstar. The average fee paid by investors fell to 57 basis points.

PPF, Savings Account, Mutual Funds: How to get the best returns?
Option 3 is to invest in the beginning of every month-that is Rs 12,500 for 12 months for 15 years ... on the liquidity it makes sense to park your money in liquid funds. Offered by mutual funds, they give better post tax returns. Moreover, they don.

Flaherty & Crumrine Investment Grade Fixed Income Fund Will Discontinue Service Fees
Ceasing to pay service fees ... Funds, a division of Brompton Group which was founded in 2000, is an experienced investment fund manager with approximately $2 billion in assets under management. Brompton's investment solutions include TSX traded funds.